Saturday, August 5, 2017

Blog update

This blog is and will continue to be even more slowed down than usual, or desirable. Because of my taking a bad fall in late June, I'm going through long slow uncertain recovery phases.

Meanwhile, I expect to remain more active at my Facebook page than here. I will continue trying to re-post here, belatedly, what I post there about TIMN or STA:C.

Onward, haltingly …


Charles Cameron (hipbone) said...

Thinking of and feeling for you, David -- prayers, beams, hopes, whatever anyone wants
to call 'em. You are, to me, a prime example and proof of the openings to friendship
and concern that are possible via mere text on this here internet. I am sure I speak
for many.

David Ronfeldt said...

Much appreciated, Charles, much appreciated. We shall persist.